My Hope and Dream for California

The hopes and dreams of California’s working men and women are at stake.  Taxes are skyrocketing with no end in sight.  California politicians even want to tax food and drinking water.  Californians need a change, not more of the same.  My commitment is to lower taxes and stand against those who wish to increase them. 

Education needs to be overhauled.  With the assistance of veteran school board members and teachers, my goal is turn to California back into the number one achieving state in the nation when it comes to academic performance.  Currently, we hold 42nd place among all 50 states according to the ABC10 News on January 18, 2017. California keeps throwing money at education with little to show for it.

How do we transform California? We transform our state back into the healthiest economy in the U.S. by bringing back the excellently paying jobs that fled the state because of high tax rates and burdensome restrictions. Right now, California is ranked as the worst state in the U.S. to do business in according to the Orange County Register Editorial on May 19, 2016.

We transform California by increasing incentives for small businesses to start up in California by restricting fees, taxes and red tape and by giving grants to individuals who would like to start up a business.  We educate our parents, children and anyone else who would like to understand how to run a business, and help them start one.  

Let’s Get California rolling by bringing those high paying jobs back to our urban areas. We have a large pool of people that would love to be able to support their families by working and contributing to their state. Many of those receiving public assistance would love to work but the jobs available to them, do not pay enough for them to raise their families, pay rent, and buy food. Let’s get the jobs that keep families intact.  Let’s get industry and manufacturing jobs back so that families don’t have to rely on a government bureaucracy to dole out crumbs.  That will take the burden off of the state’s weary shoulders.

I am a wife, mother, educator, friend of the worker, seniors, small businesses and all those who wish for a better future for California.  I need your support. Vote Jessica MARTINEZ for the 57th Assembly District. Make California right again!!!